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Vrouw on the Veldt
The scene depicts Hester Gravett, a Transvaal burgher of the Carolina Kommando, below Laing's Nek in the summer of 1899. After the initial excitement of the Boer offensive into Natal and the northern Cape, the Boer commandos, under hidebound and overly cautious elder commandants like Cronje and Joubert, frittered away the strategic initiative by tying up thousands of Free State and Transvaal burghers with the fruitless investment of British-occupied Mafeking, Kimberley, and Ladysmith. The sedentary sieges of the three British towns were treated by many burghers as an extended camping trip of sorts, with many preferring recreational activities like picnicking and hunting over dangerous offensive raids against the isolated British garrisons. Apart from repelling the regular British sorties from the besieged towns and occasionally firing off a few warning salvos of ineffective artillery, many Boer burghers were content to relax and wait for the British garrisons to exhaust their stockpiles of rations and supplies just as the Transvaalers had done with some measure of success in the war of 1881. The lethargic mood of the besieging commandos in Natal combined with the lack of authority invested in their veldkornets and commandants led many homesick and malingering Transvaal burghers to take unauthorized leave of their posts and cross the Drakensbergen back over to the Transvaal at Laing's Nek with the idea of going home for a while.

But along the way, deserters would undoubtedly have been scolded and shamed by patriotic Boer vrouwen, who were often infuriated by the sight of their husbands, brothers, and sons abandoning the life and death struggle for their republics' independence just for a few days of leave. As in the war of 1881 and even back to the days of the Great Trek, it was quite often the Boer women who were most invested and impassioned in their desire for the survival of their people as a distinct and independent nation, whereas the menfolk were generally more reluctant and unenthusiastic about the idea of risking their lives and property for such lofty ideals. Even during the darkest days of Lord Roberts's swift capture of the Boer capitals in 1900, many Boer vrouwen from as far away as the Cape abandoned their homes, farms, and fortunes in order to accompany the retreating commandos into the veld where the campaign of guerrilla resistance would begin. Those women who stayed behind on farms in British-occupied districts often offered their services to the commandos as spies and couriers, while simultaneously supplying the burghers with food, clothing, horses, and shelter. Even among the women imprisoned in the British concentration camps, many smuggled out defiant messages to their husbands and sons forbidding them from abandoning the struggle in spite of the fact that surrendering and joining the British forces was the quickest way for one's family to be released from the camps.

Thus the scene above is representative of the Boer vrouw's most significant contribution to the men of the republican commandos: steeling the resolve and determination of the fighting burghers who were either insufficiently motivated or too disheartened to continue the struggle.

Some additional notes on the composition of the scene. While there is a very famous photograph of Martha Krantz (wife of the commandant of the German Corps) accompanying the German Corps on campaign with a horse bearing a side-saddle configuration of saddle, most other photographs of mounted Boer women seem to show them riding astride with conventional saddles. Thus, the scene depicts a conventional saddle configuration. I suspect that perhaps Martha Krantz, who immigrated with her husband to South Africa from Germany, may have simply adhered to conventional European social custom of the time for women to ride side-saddle, which may have been a foreign concept to African-born Boer women.

The arms, from left to right, consist of a Martini-Henry, Mauser Model 1895 Short Rifle, and Mauser Model 1895 Long Rifle.
equestrian figure (work in progress) by ColorCopyCenter
sharing progress on the current piece i am working on. when finished, will depict scene of Boer field encampment
The Valkyrie's Last Ride
When a cutthroat band of greedy mercenary pilots was tasked with recovering a priceless hoard of treasures from its hiding place in the lawless interior of a remote province, a perfidious betrayal in the Oriental skies was the only possible outcome. One of the defeated survivors of the treacherous aerial slaughter was Viktoria Maximiliane Luise Freifrau von und zu Stein von Greiffenstein, a Prussian Fahnenjunkerin seeking fortune in the Far East after finding nothing but devastation and desolation on the long road from the fields of Flanders to the windswept Himalayan peaks. Isolated and alone with no hope of rescue in a foreign land, it is only then that her adventure truly began.

-Born, East Prussia (1899)
-2. Ostpreuß. Frauen-Leibhusarenregiment Graf Wrangel Nr. 22, Eastern Front (1917)
-FrauenJaSta 77 „The Flying Ballet“ under Bogislava Baronin von Tauentzien aka „The Scarlet Baroness“, Western Front (1918), 7 Aircraft Kills, 3 Balloons
-Freikorps von Winzigerode, Luftstaffel, Baltikum (1919)
-6th Imperial Foreign Volunteer Air Squadron (White Russian), Southern Russia/Siberia (1921)
-Royal Afghan Air Force, 1st Squadron, Foreign Volunteer Group (1923)
-Air Himalaya, Postal Service (1924)
-17th Chang Jiang Air Corps, Independent East Asian Pursuit Group (1926)
-Missing (presumed dead), Chinese interior (1926)

-Imperial German Pilot's Badge
Ehrenbecher für den Sieger im Luftkampfe
-Iron Cross (second class)
-Iron Cross (first class)

(this is now revised backstory for the main character in the ongoing series of images. it is different from the original explanation and name, but now will have more consistency from this point onward)

Currently I am planning more pieces of worldbuilding for the same setting of "Fleet Command" in preparation for possible story project. Any strong interest in such a project? 

14 deviants said No preference / have other opinion
13 deviants said Prefer you to make this new project a first priority, work on Chinese/Oriental and Other Historical pieces on the side
12 deviants said Prefer you to keep Chinese/Oriental and Other Historical pieces as first priority, work on new project on the side


a new historical-themed artwork is coming along at a fast pace, very eager to share when finished
Sun Mar 5, 2017, 1:43 AM
book review of Viljoen's memoir is done! Will be returning to finish Reitz's soon, now that I have found a different online copy
Tue Feb 28, 2017, 12:01 PM
the site hosting one of the better online copies of Reitz's Commando seems to have gone down :(
Fri Feb 3, 2017, 3:22 AM
i am re-reading Reitz's memoir in preparation for a review. being an account written several years after the war, it reads very differently to Schikkerling's wartime diary. Not to doubt Reitz's veracity of memory, but is abundantly colorful and eventful
Fri Dec 23, 2016, 6:37 PM
i think i will write a book review of Deneys Reitz's celebrated memoir of the South African war. it is the one most people seem to have read
Thu Dec 1, 2016, 5:33 PM
a new boer war artwork nearing completion
Thu Nov 24, 2016, 2:03 AM


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